Conversation #1: Why Jesus?

This past Wednesday the GCSC kicked off another semester! This semester, however, we are trying something new! Instead of having a meeting time that relies on one speaker and an audience, we’re attempting to move to a more conversational type of meeting where people can share with one another, challenge one another, and wrestle with hard questions with one another. Each week, we hope to center around a question posed by students or one that the staff feels is important to discuss. This past week we discussed why Jesus is important to listen to. The conclusion: Jesus actually has things to say about life, not just eternity. Jesus was…smart. He answered the BIG questions of life, the ones people have asked since the beginning. The question is: are people still asking these questions? Perhaps the questions our culture poses bore us because they’re too small! The powerpoint is below and available for download if you would like to join in the conversation! Also, feel free to enter the conversation by commenting below!


Here’s a corresponding video for the end of the slideshow as well:

For further reading on this topic check out:


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