Spring 2017 Schedule!!!


Hello! We’re so glad you stopped by our website! We hope it helps you get connected to what we’re doing and let’s you know what events we have coming up! Below is a list of all the events we have scheduled for the Spring semester as of now! Check back for updates monthly and check out our Facebook page to stay up to datehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/2339908253/.


Weekly Rhythms


Discovery Bible Study!

Every Sunday Morning at 9am in the GCSC TV room before Campus View services!

Join us not just for a class but to learn a tool that can help you study the Bible on your own and with others! This is not as much a class as a conversation group! 



Miracles: A Study of Jesus’ Life (Meal Provided Every Sunday Night!)

Every Sunday Night at the Campus View Church in the Fellowship Hall at 7pm!

Join us for some good food, good discussion, and something fun afterwards! 

Returning January 22nd!!!



EKGs (Experimenting with the Kingdom Groups) SMALL GROUPS!

These meet at various times throughout the semester…

They are made of up 5 to 6 people who agree together to live out the Kingdom of God in a specific tangible way for a set amount of time (Example: taking 6 weeks to practice generosity by giving something away every week)

Groups will begin meeting February 6th!!! Sign up at our Sunday meeting or email addaniels7@gmail.com if you are interested!


SPRING Events!!!


Ice Skating!!! (Feb. 2nd)

Meet at the church at 6pm to go Ice Skating downtown!



Super Bowl Party! (Feb. 5th)

Come join us at Campus View for a Super Bowl party at 6pm! As we did last year, we will use this as an opportunity to raise money for a local charity! Details forthcoming!



Cookie Making Party! (Feb. 11th)

Saturday, Feb. 11th, 2017, 1:30pm at Jim and Sue Carter’s house



Chili Cookoff! (Feb. 12th)

Come join us in the CV fellowship hall at 5:30pm as we eat some chili made by church members! Feel free to enter your favorite offering in one of the several categories!

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Compassion Experience! (Feb. 13th)

We’ll be heading over to Cornerstone Church at 4pm to participate in the Compassion Experience where you can experience the effects of global poverty through an immersive and interactive display put on by Compassion International. 


Bigger Vision! (Feb. 22nd)

Meet up at Campus View at 5:45pm as we take a meal to our friends at Bigger Vision Winter Shelter!



Gym Dawgs Meet! (March 5th)

Meet at the church at 1:30pm as we head over to see the UGA Gym Dawgs face off against Alabama!



Bad Movie Night! (March 16th)

Come on out to the church at 6:30pm as we fire up the projector and watch horrible movies! Stay tuned for what films will be featured!



Bigger Vision! (March 23rd)

Meet up at Campus View at 5:45pm as we take a meal to our friends at Bigger Vision Winter Shelter!



Spring Picnic! (March 25th)

Come on out for a picnic on the CV lawn as we welcome Spring! Details TBA.



Guys VS. Gals Game Night!!! (April 7th)

Come on out for a night of games and more! Guys VS. Gals! Should be interesting!



Secret Church!!! (April 21st)

Come on out for our yearly “Secret Church!” at http://www.radical.net/secret-church/simulcast for more info! This year is about all about the Bible and the questions around whether or not it should be trusted!



Walk 4 Water!!! (Sometime in April)

Come on out to Walk 4 Water and experience what its like to walk miles to a water source and carry it back like so many people in our world have to do daily! We’ll be raising money for this all semester with the hopes of being able to dig a well in an area of the world where clean water is not available. Details TBA.



Silent Retreat (Sometime in April)

Join us as we pack up and head to a monastary in Conyers for the day and spend some time in guided silence and prayer. In our hectic world and lives and FINALS, practicing silence is one of the best ways to grow closer to the heart of God. Details TBA.



Stay tuned for more events as the semester goes on! We have many more to add!



Grace and Peace,


Adam Daniels

Campus Minister

Georgia Christian Student Center/Campus View Church

For more info, email me at addaniels7@gmail.com










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