Spring 2017: Miracles! Every Sunday at 7pm! Food Provided!


We’re so glad you’ve stopped by our website! We’re getting things ready for the Spring semester and hope you’ll consider getting involved at the GCSC! We believe that the BIBLE is THE most important catalyst in spiritual growth, so we plan our main gathering around it every year! If you don’t have a BIBLE, we would love to give you one as a gift!

This year our group is looking to dive into the miraculous life of Jesus. Specifically, the miracles that surrounded His life. In a world where there seems to be so much more bad news than good news, what are we supposed to do with these stories about a man who could cast out demons, heal the sick, and feed the hungry? Is that just superstition? Misguided tales from a pre-scientific time?

Or is there something more to this story? Could it be that acknowledging actual evil in the world means that there is actual good? And what would it mean to believe that miracles happened all around us every day? This was the story of Jesus. Could it be ours as well?

Join us every Sunday night at 7pm at the Campus View Church starting January 22nd as we dig in and discuss the life of this man the world just can’t seem to shake. Food provided every week!




Here are a few videos from teachers we trust and have learned from to give you some encouragement:




Hope to see you soon!


Grace and Peace,


Adam Daniels

Campus Minister

Georgia Christian Student Center/Campus View Church




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